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Wednesday, February 11, 2015
February Meeting
Members present: Kevin Stoer, Leslie Herzog, Dan Emmerich and Jim Konyn

Meeting called to order at 8:06pm
treasurer Report given
Winter Seminar Wrap up: Discussed the seminar evuals, cost compared to Crowne Plaza. Felt for the cost, the Clarion was good. Need to have someone next year keep tabs on food and coffee better. Loss from seminar was slight compared to other years, only $608 .
Talked about if we should have 2 seminars a year or stick with just the winter one. Decided to just have winter seminar. Thinking of speakers now for next winter. Will ask Dr. Meagher about giving one, his topic and length,and check with some other options.

Talked some on the BFRDP Grants available and if we could maybe get something to start something like Sheep and Wool in the spring some time. Talk lead to West Bend show, most felt it would be better if we did more to help this show succeed and become more like Sheep and Wool.

Adjourned 9:12 pm

Thursday, January 15, 2015
January 2015 Board Meeting
Attendance: Jim Konyn, Chris Rogers, Dan Emmerich, Kevin Stoer, Tom Olson

Seminar: January 24, Clarion Hotel in Madison. Breakfast 8:30 Seminars start at 9 end around 4pm. Tom cancelled the mailing labels from AOA as it was getting to late for mailing and went with an old list he had. Tom will bring easel, buy a pad of paper has markers and will bring extension cords. Chris will bring projector. Jim will check with Rob on handouts. Will try to send out reminder for the seminar.

Discussion on marketing: Need to try and find a way to get customers to members. Jim made a GLAA group on facebook. Tom will stop at DATC and pick up marketing material. Will look at advertising in a magazine.

Appointment: The board appointed Leslie Herzog for a 2 year term to fill the vacant board spot. All write in candidates where contacted to find out their interest in being on the board. Motion was made by Chris and 2nd by Dan. All approved. Jim will contact her and confirm her offer to serve and check which position she would like- VP or at large. VP does website and member at large sets up quarterly meetings.

Meeting adjourned 8:48pm

Respectfully submitted,
Christine Roger

Wednesday, December 10, 2014
December 2014 BOD meeting
Members present: Chris Roger, Tom Olsen, barb Utke, Dan Emerich, Jim Konyn

Seminar: Tom is checking on block of rooms and cost. Seminar room is reserved at the Clarion. Must order food by January 5. start at 8:30 with breakfast, end by 4 pm. Registration form will include GLAA membership form. Fee will by $55 for members and $95 for non-members. Membership runs from Feb.1 to Jan. 31 each year. Jim will find out charges for seminar and rooms needed.

Newsletter: Will send out by both email and snail mail. Tom will look into labels from AOA. Chris to write article about show, Jim on membership with a list of current members, Barb on quarterly meetings. Timeline- get to tom by next week, send out between holiday break.

Should winter seminar be annual meeting? Will try to work it in if time allows. need host for spring meeting.

Decided to support the Minnesota Camelid Health Conference at the $50 level.

Chris will check with Jan on election and list of write-ins and report to the board.

Tom sent a link to board with the affiliate survey for AOA.

Jim to invite Kevin and other new board members to the conference call for January.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45. Thank you all for your service!!

Respectfully submitted,
Chris Rogers

Thursday, November 13, 2014
November bod meeting
Present: Tom Olsen, Chris Rogers, Jim Konyn, Barb Utke

Seminar plans: Tom went to several hotels in Madison area. Rooms are available at a discount if 50-70 people attend. Price arrange 100-350. Clarion seems like a good deal and food is catered From Market Street in Sun Prairie. Chris could bring projector. Tom will send menu and room info to us. Topic- still looking for speaker. Most did not want another Marketing 101 seminar. Many would like to see meat, whole animal and herd evaluation. Jim will contact Rob Stephens to start.

Taxes: Tom has been in contact with WI Dept of Revenue, who will provide a handout. Not conducive to a seminar.

Election: There are 3 candidates for 4 positions. Jan will send out voting soon. Will use a write-in slot for the last open slot.

Membership: Need ideas for getting more members. Newsletter will come out soon. Send out paper copies for seminar and include list of members. Farms might notice if their names are on the list or not. Barb and Chris to help stuff envelopes and mail out.

AOA Leadership Conference: Tom was on call last week. National show March 12-15 in Nebraska. National Fleece show in June 2015. AOA did away with requirement for affiliates to be a certain % AOA members. Discussed shows and issues - cost, attendance.

Respectfully submitted,
Chris Rogers

Sunday, October 12, 2014
Quarterly meeting was hosted by Michael and Margie Morack.
Board members Tom Olson and Dan Emmerich were in attendance.
Main topics discussed were the seminar for the upcoming winter seminar. It was decided to have a Marketing seminar this year.

Tom discussed audits. In addition to the auditor providing info on what needs to be taxed and what doesn't, the attendees asked for specifics on what is a business and what is a hobby as well as what constitutes a farm plan(business Plan), Tom will pass this on and we will see what comes of it. Tom hopes to receive a written bulletin from the state to pass on to all GLAA members.

Meeting started at noon and broke for lunch at 1pm and continued talking though lunch. We spoke some on the audit Michael and Margie are going though. Michael asked how we would value our herds and we talked some on that. Meeting ended at 3:45pm when Michael and Margie gave a brief tour to those interested and available to stay.

Submitted by,
Tom Olson

Wednesday, August 13, 2014
August 2914 Board Meeting
Meeting called to order at 8:32pm. All members present.

Next Quarterly meeting- Barb will send out email looking for a host.

Winter seminar- discussion on possible topics and location for seminar. Tom will look for a place in the Madison area.

Elections- Chris had nothing to report.

AOA- Feedback on relations. AOA wants 75% of members of GLAA to be AOA members also. We feel this is way to high and if enforced. we will end up losing membership. Tom will convey this at next AOA member meeting.

Membership- Dan brought up about us being a central point for help for anything, besides fiber collection. Tom to ask in newsletter how we can best be of service.

Adjourned at 9:13pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Chris Rogers

Wednesday, June 25, 2014
June Board meeting
Meeting called to order at 8:35 pm.
Members present- Tom Olson, Jim Konyn, Chris Rogers.
Absent-Dan Emmerich and Barb Utke

Jim and Chris reported on the Quarterly meeting. The Wisconsin Alpaca and Fiber Fest was well received and all spoke favorably about it. Kevin Stoer asked that all GLAA members support the show. 2015 show dates are April 27-28 in West Bend, judge is Amanda VandenBosch. Various promotional ideas were put forth. The show board is meeting on 6/26 to discuss the ideas. Discussion ensued re GLAA sponsoring as a corporate sponsor. Tom moved that GLAA maintain corporate sponsorship at $1000 level for 2015 show. 2nd by Chris. Motion passed unanimously.

Fiber on the Farm(Georgia Myers)event was well attended and had folks from a large region.(Missouri, Illinois, northern Wisconsin to name a few.)

Becky MacMillan requested that GLAA sponsor classes at the Midwest Fiber and Folk Arts Fair. GLAA will sponsor $100 for the show.

New board members are needed. Tom Olson and Barb Utke are stepping down. Dan Emmerich and Chris Rogers terms are also up, but are running. Kevin Stoer will run and two others indicated an interest in running.

Summer event scratched for 2014. We will begin working on Winter 2015 event. Suggested summer event about animal skills, giving shots, cutting toenails(husbandry skills) may work at a member farm for 2015.

2015 several farms have been audited and the results are not good. Two have been found to be hobbies, not a business. Is there any information on profitability of alpaca farming? What are some ways that people are making profits with alpacas? Meat, fiber products, fleece, animals? What resources are there for alpaca farms to contest audits? Tom is trying to get answers from AOA on the subject and to have it discussed at affiliates meetings that are held. So far he has not been able to get it on an agenda. Suggest members contact AOA urging them to provide information. Is there a Government Relations committee that could assist with this?

Meeting adjourned at 9:30 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Chris Rogers

Sunday, June 01, 2014
Quarterly GLAA Minutes
Quarterly meeting was held at LondonDairy Alpaca Farm hosted by Wade and Kevin. After our lunch, meeting started at 1pm with What is new at your farm. Board members present were Chris Rogers, Dan Emerich and Jim Konyn. A total of 20 people were present for the meeting. Various topics were discussed among which was that in the southern part of the state 1st crop hay was being made, some concern about quality and supply. Discussion on alpaca meat, working with 4H, up coming seminar at LondonDairy were other topics that had discussions. Updates on each farm was given.
Treasurer report by Dan: approx. $5000 in checkbook,$700 in Paypal and 2 cds approx. $5000 each.
GLAA election coming up later this year. Jan Clingman is on the nomination committee. Need more members for committee. Send in nomination bio to Jan @ Looking for interested members to run for election. Four positions are up this year. Dan and Chris are up for reelection, Tom and Barb are leaving the board.
West Bend Show: Members present thought the show was great and we all need to support it and get more publicity. Put fliers in hotels, do the fiber emphasis, get more vendors. Many in attendance felt the show will only grow. Suggestion that the show needs to start advertising now for nest year. Go to the city council and get them involved, like in Minnesota, Get publicity in the weeks/month prior so the public sees alpacas and wants to come. Piggy-back with some other cause to get the press there. Send ideas to the show committee.
Many asked if the show made a profit, Jim reroted that the expenses were not all in yet and there has not been a wrap up meeting so at this time he did not know. He did say that they were looking at a 3 year contract for the same weekend in April for the next 2 years and with 2017 flexible.
Fiber on the Farm: Chris reported she would be attending with a GLAA display. Anyone wanting to display their cards or fliers, get them to Chris. She has the items left at West Bend show and will take them with. Georgia asked if anyone would like to donate fleece to the shawl project to contact her.
Seminars: Talked about having summer or winter seminars. Some felt Milwaukee area would work best, if we are leaving Madison due to high cost. Many did like the Dells, but that was also to expensive. GLAA is just breaking even on the seminars. Topics- animal health, fiber, panel like last year, Cameron Holt were discussed.
Suri Network: Chris reported she had an email from them asking that fiber testing results be shared with them for their new epd database. Some questioned why they are doing this, as ARI has been collecting data for several years and there really should only be one database.
Respectfully submitted,
Chris Rogers,

Wednesday, March 12, 2014
March 2014 Board Meeting
Members present: Tom, Dan, Jim and Chris

Board decided to support Wisconsin Alpaca and Fiber Fest with $500 going to education and $500 for vendor bucks for the show to use for door prizes and fiber arts awards. Also donating a membership to the silent auction in support of UW Vet school and AARF.

Tom will get the March newsletter out with reminder of April 1 as deadline for dues to keep farms on Farm Members list on website. After April 1 non paid farms will be taken off.

Chis is sending information on a grant for schools nominated by a farm for Tom to include in the newsletter.

Tom is attending the Sin In.

Discussed a summer seminar. Undecided at this point, will look at evals from January seminar.

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted
Chris Rogers

Wednesday, November 13, 2013
November 2013 Monthly Meeting
Meeting called to order at 8:05pm. Members present: Tom, Dan, Jim and Chris.

Up coming "All Thing Fiber" was discussed. Worked on the timeline and other lose ends.

Tom had newsletter ready for approval and will have AOBA affiliate meeting this week.

Adjourned at 9 pm.

Saturday, October 19, 2013
Meeting was called to order at 1pm. Board member introduced were Tom, Jim, Barb and Chris. 14 members present.

Lynn Jonson was thanked for hosting the meeting.

Minutes from 2012 meeting were passed out.

No treasurer report available.

Jim reported on the 2013 seminars- Dr. Merriweather presented Color Genetics in January with 33 members present and Dr. Meagher presented a fall seminar on Neonatal with 13 members present.
Winter 2014 seminar will be January 25 at Crowne Plaza Hotel in Madison. The topic will be "All things Fiber". The seminar will cover a wide range of fiber topics.
OpenHerd update- This is a free program that allows farms to market their animals on OpenHerd. All farms that are OpenHerd members can be listed on the GLAA website and when their farm is chosen by someone, their farm and animals become available to look at. At present all but about 10 members are taking advantage of this program. About 26 other affiliates are members of this program.

Tom reported on the student design contest. GLAA donated $250 to help students participate in the contest to design an outfit or other accessories with alpaca.
He next discussed support of regional shows. With declining memberships we can't provide high levels of support but are giving smaller grants and donate a membership.
The Waukesha spin-in is cancelled. GLAA could have a booth at the West Bend show and do the same thing, where members can send in product for GLAA to sell and profits go back to members after a small percentage is taken by GLAA.
Monthly notices have been sent out by Tom after that months board meeting that include updates, events and other topics of interest. Tom reported he also meets monthly with AOBA affiliates. If you have any topics for Tom to bring to the table, contact him.
Fiber collection-Tom and Clayton sent 1300 lbs.
Goals- need ideals from members:,br/> Update membership
Sponsorship of show
GLAA Display
Seminar Ideas

Barb asked for anyone interested in hosting a meeting to contact her.

At the end of the meeting Wade gave an update on the co-op. He will sollect fiber at Northern Illinois. Membership fee is still $250 and you must send in fleece. That may change from ever 3 years to every year. You can sill get $1 membership that will pay you for your fleece, but no other benefits. Do not send in anything over 32 micron. At present there is no use for it, but the co-op is still looking for uses.
Showed the new hiker sock that the co-op is working on that is lighter and is 60% alpaca.
There is a shortage of sock fiber.
Working on a suri blanket and now put suri into socks and yarn.

All members present discussed what was happening at their farm at the end of the meeting.

Respectfully submitted
Chris Rogers

Wednesday, September 11, 2013
September Board Meeting
Members present on call: Tom, Dan, Jim and Chris. absent Barb

Meeting called to order by Tom at 8:48pm

1)September seminar- will be held. Chris is ordering food. Tom will send out another notice and confirm to attendees.
2)Newsletter items- will include notices of annual meeting at Lynn Johnsons, Jan. seminar info, April show and Neuskes 80th celebration.
3)Annual meeting- October 19th. Tom will discuss fiber collection for co-op, Dan- treasurers report, Chris- review minutes, Jim- report on seminars, Barb- report on quarterly meetings.
4)January seminar- emphasize fiber. Jim contacted Wini Lebrec, but she was already booked. In October start planning seriously.

Adjourned at 9:22pm

Respectfully submitted
Chris Rogers

Wednesday, August 14, 2013
Monthly Board Meeting Minutes
Meeting called to order at 8:30 pm.
Members present: Tom, Chris, Dan, Jim and Barb.
Newsletter items to go out soon.

Neonatal seminar- Chris to send her show email list to Tom. Chris will make up registration from and send to Jim, to have Peggy place on website. Jim also posted on his Facebook page and National Events page. Chris will design flyers to and email to each of us to printout and email to vets, etc. and for Peggy to place on website. Chris is working on a caterer. She will bring breakfast items, coffee, tea and juice. Agenda- birthing AM, cria care, issues, shots, etc. PM. Chris checking on slide projector and screen. Tom is taking registrations.

CO-OP FIBER collection- Deadline varies, Farm Days, Grayslake Oct. show. Wade will send in after that.

Oct. 19 will be the date for GLAA fall and winter meeting at Lynn Johnson's farm. This will also serve as our annual meeting. No elections this year.

January 25th seminar on all thing fiber. Tom checking for a site around Madison. Crown Plaza is easiest to get to. Looking into possible speakers, possible panel discussions. Some topics looking at are: Shearing day musts, Skirting, Sorting, processing, mill owners speaking, yarn terminology, products-_most unusual way to use fiber-have contest, CO-OP, Shearing, sorting and skirting for different purposes- co-op, blanket project, mini mills.

Waukesha fiber booth? Can we also do one a week later at West Bend Show.

Adjourned 9:22 PM

Respectfully submitted
Chris Rogers

Wednesday, July 10, 2013
Minutes from BOD meeting
Present: Tom, Chris, Jim and Dan. Excused-Barb

Neonatal seminar-Chris will check with Dr Meagher re dates. Gordy Zachow will host seminar.

Wisc Alpaca Fiber Fest board met and discussed new show. Suggestion that GLAA sponsor a seminar. Most were favorable to the idea. There is going to be spinoff and fleece show, so remind people to save their fleece and watch for details soon!

Website- Peggy has added the old members listing under GLAA Directory. This lists all the members of GLAA. Members not on Openherd were complaining of not being listed.

January seminar- all things fiber. Jim will ask Laurie if she will help with the program. Possible topics: Shearing, Skirting, Shorting, Processing, Mill owner speak, Yarn terminology, Products, Crafts, Hand carding and spinning. Possible break out sessions-round robin format.

Remind people who have vendor booths that they need to have seller permit for tax purposes.

Respectfully Submitted
Chris Rogers

Saturday, June 29, 2013
Quarterly GLAA Meeting
Poeple present: Gordy Zachow, Jan Clingman & Jim H,Kathy & Steve Bergman, Randy & Barb Ahlers, Mike & Jan Fountain, Chris Rogers, Darlene Neuske, Tom & Ginny Olson, Erin & Paul Egan, Ron & Kathy Harelstad.
1. Thank you to the Ahlers for hosting at their beautiful farm.
2.Farm news was given by each farm.
3.Citations for alpacas as livestock in the E-CFR. They are still listed as livestock in Title 7 Part 760.
4. Colorado Fire Fund contribution.
17 farms evacuated, 1 farm burned to the ground. GLAA sent $250 to the fund.
5. Survey results 2 seminars - summer/fall-neonatal, winter- fiber topics January 26.
6.Town Hall Meeting with AOBA a. IRS wants a business plan showing that farms expect to eventually make a profit. Ahlers reported that they are getting a state audit this year, a questionnaire their accountant should be able to fill out.
b. Encouragement to sign up on AOBA website for Alpaca Farm Days,
c. Student Design Project. 1. AOBA purchased fabric from Canada for students. Egans have fabric as well as NEAFP.
2.Compiled fiber terms relating to alpaca.
3.Archiving Fiber Newsletters.
4. Started a Fiber Committee.
d. Affiliate Grant from AOBA available for projects.
e. Joint Eduction Committee(ARI & AOBA)working on husbandry skills.
f. Extensive discussion on merger.
g. Membership is 2479 farms for 2013 so far.
h. Biggest reason for not joining AOBA or affiliates: finances, need money to pay vet and feed bills.
I. Need to hear from members what they want from AOBA or GLAA.
j. 2014 National show in March at Harrisburg,PA.-greater emphasis on fiber arts.
k. Slight increase in info requests for alpacas from AOBA over over last year 2012 over 2011.
l. AOBA is not responding to Facebook comments.

Contact GLAA for help in local crisis or hardship cases, as in Colorado fire situation. Help finding hay-send email blast or post on website. Check auction sites as lots of hay is for sale. Test the hay, may need supplements.

Barb Utke would like a host for the next meeting.

Respectfully submitted,
Chris Rogers

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Members present: Tom, Dan, Chis and Jim

Membership status – Dan reported that 3 renewals came in this past week. 38 members currently

Seminar wrap-up
valuations – excellent evals all around, many suggested fiber and marketing it as the next topic

Next year - January 25, 2014 See eval summary. 100% Excellent and good reviews. Future topics - Many fiber suggestions were mentioned. Format? Speaker?

OpenHerd presentation set for 8:30pm – Joe Preston, Open Herd a marketing venue for alpaca farms. Marketing issue is that we need to be on many different sites requiring constant updating and efficient marketing. Affiliate program allows a farms information to be displayed on their website (ex: GLAA members could show their web info on GLAA site.) Free to us and GLAA. Members can purchase upgrades for premium features. Browse the site above to see links to farm pages and what your farm page can look like. The pages will still appear to be on the GLAA site, not Open Herd. Will discuss further at next meeting after everyone can explore the website above.

WI Spin-In Booth - $224 for 2 booths and 2 tables, check was sent. Chris will recruit members to send product for sale. Chris check on getting flyers for us to put out. Will get an article for the next newsletter.

CES progress: certificate of exempt status – Tom is working on.

Quarterly meeting schedule – Barb is getting farms recruited to host the meetings. Bluff Breeze Farm offered to host a meeting in Cannon Falls. Only one farm in Minnesota. Barb Ahlers will host in June – need a date. March or April need a host.

UW Vet Center Open House - April 7 - Opportunity for new display? Yes we would like to do that.

AOBA Affiliate group - Tom will call in next week to the town hall, and will keep us posted.

Sponsoring requests: Discussion ensued re if we should help sponsor with farms. Conflict of Interest –avoid. Neutral site. Not promoting the host farm. Possibly sell seminar sponsorships to help with financials.

Respectifully submitted,
Chris Rogers

Wednesday, January 09, 2013
Organization meeting
Tom Olson Called meeting to order.
Present- Tom, Dan, Barb and Jim.

Folowing are the officers for 2013:
Tom Olson- President- in charge of newsletter.
Jim Konyn - Vice President - in charge of website.
Dan Emmerich - Treasurer
Chris Rogers - Secretary
Barb Utkey - Member at large - in charge of quarterly meetings.

A short decission followed on the upcoming seminar on Color Genetics by Andy Merriweather. Tom to put out an email reminding members and non-members about it.

Respectifully submitted,
Barb Utkey

Wednesday, January 06, 2010
GLAA Board of Director Meeting – January 6, 2010
Present: Tom, Wade, Dan, Chris, Helen, Rob

Rob, Peggy, and Helen will review the Website content for errors and outdated items (other than member farm info), and let Peggy know if something needs to be changed. Thank so much to Peggy. Members are to update their own farm info. Members are already using the PayPal. It is working well. Is it ready for the new members – yes! It is OK for Peggy to post that new members can use PayPal.

Rob and Helen will begin looking through the site for outdated and inaccurate materials. Purposes are for marketing, education, and farm information. Again, send any comments to Peggy. Would like more pictures for the site. Peggy said she could add a classified ad section fairly easily. Rob and Helen will pursue this with Peggy. Will be a great addition to the site.

The “Requested Information” section for members should be publicized to members so they can go and check for leads. Could Peggy delete the requests for log in assistance once they have been taken care of?

We discussed the GODaddy email program provided by Peggy and Constant Contacts sample Rob sent for newsletters and announcements. Need to explore further. Email blasts for the seminar are going out. Rob has a big (700) list and will forward it to those. Thanks Rob! Dan will finalize the contract with the hotel. Helen will call the hotel with final numbers the week before the seminar. Grant request policy: When checks come from AOBA for grants, we need to call AOBA office to see who they are for, as there are usually several requests outstanding, and the checks don’t specify which grants were funded. We also discussed the grant funding philosophy and process. This item was tabled for further discussion; no action taken at this time. Membership renewal notices need to go out. Wade will send email blast.

Student Design Sponsorship Contest - Four UW Stout students entered the AOBA design contest, and six students from Illinois entered. We discussed sponsoring them, and will vote by email. We will also send an email to the members for donations of yarn, cloth, roving, etc. for the students to use in the contest. This will support the fiber industry.

Next meeting: Feb 3, 8:30 PM

Wednesday, December 02, 2009
GLAA Board of Director Meeting
Present: Tom, Wade, Dan, Chris, Helen, Keith, Rob

Assign a Board member to work with Committee Chairs: Any volunteers?

Keith and Marketing – Outreach, special projects . Tom volunteered – thanks!

Rob and Website – to help go over website and make suggestions re additions, deletions, corrections, etc. Work closely with Peggy as well. Helen volunteered – thanks!

It might be time for a periodic audit of GLAA, as normal for organizations. We could approach Les Green to see if he would do this, cost of audit. Dan has excel sheet of all transactions, and has written 60 checks, so it shouldn’t be too costly. He will send the spreadsheet to us to review. Discussion ensued re the detail of deposit slips. Dan will contact the accountant and find out what the accountant suggests.

A bill from GoDaddy for search engine visibility was approved, Tom will send email authorizing payment. Welcome Keith and Rob, and we all appreciate your willingness to help us.
Discussion ensued re how to get more visibility and communication of activities to the membership, make the website more useful to members. Goal 1 – get each page cleaned up. Goal 2 – get PayPal working. Goal 3 – Create a seller’s page where members can sell alpacas and alpaca items. Also need innovation. Rob described Constant Contact to generate leads – good idea. He will describe further at the next meeting, and email us info.

Keith wants to get more info out to people about what GLAA is doing and generate interest in membership. Great idea!

Fiber collection – two pallets approx 600 pounds were sent out, approx $150 shipping. About 12 to 15 farms participated.

Student Fiber Design Contest – Chris will email the Board members with the proposal to sponsor one or more students. Marketing Seminar – need to get advertising out.

Preparations are all set. Helen will call AOBA re the fee, and Tom, Keith and Wade will get the blurb ready. Possible to also use Constant Contact?

Website update – Wade and Peggy are trying to get the Paypal working in time for 2010 renewal. It is two steps forward and one step back, but they hope to have it ready in one month.

Advertising – Dan got a response from Hobby Farm. Will forward to us. Discussion ensued re how to advertise, where to concentrate $$. Dan explained that with national magazines we can pick regions of the country to target. Goal is to get people to come to GLAA website for alpaca s Treasurers report was reviewed.

Time for membership renewal – dues $50. Send out the word.

Next meeting: Jan 6, 8:30 PM

Saturday, October 24, 2009
GLAA Meeting Minutes Grays Lake, IL

Board members present: Tom Olson, Dan Emmerich, Christine Rogers, Helen Thomas

A brief member meeting was held following the halter show at NIAE on October 24, 2009. It was announced that Wade Gease and Christine Rogers were re-elected to the GLAA Board of Directors. In 2010 another election will be held as the three-year term of the other board members cease. Tom thanked our members Keith Gajeski and Rob Stephens for their participation in the election, as well as, the nominating committee, Lynne Johnson, Mac Johnston, Gary Preston.

Dan Emmerich supplied GLAA’s financial status. The year 2009 finds GLAA down in revenues from membership renewals and educational seminar participation, but solid in financial standing with bank certificates of deposit.

Chris Rogers discussed GLAA’s fiber collection efforts. Currently, 200+ pounds of fiber have been collected for shipment to the AFCNA. Another collection will be conducted at the WI / IL / MI meeting on November 7, 2009 at the farm of Pacesetter’s Alpacas in Beloit, Wisconsin. GLAA will be handling the shipping for members. Chris also requested donations on behalf of the AOBA Student Design Competition. Roving, fabric and yarn would be appreciated. Materials donation form may be found on the web site

Ginny Olson was invited to speak about AFCNA activities and plans upcoming fiber utilization.

A big THANK YOU to Peggy Emmerich who has invested a tremendous amount of time and talent to updating the GLAA web site and bringing it to .com status.

Peggy addressed some of the upgrades including membership maintenance, farm location information, the extensive resource update and future modes of advertising on the web site and for the web site. It was suggested that perhaps a resource page of shearers be included on the web-site for members. Members are strongly encouraged to update their e-mail addresses.

GLAA will be sponsoring a mid winter educational seminar at the Chula Vista Resort in Wisconsin, Dells on February 6, 2010. Marketing will be the focus of the seminar. E-mail blasts to GLAA members will provide detailed information on the seminar.

The meeting closed with a thank you to all who attended and encouragement to support the affiliate as we move forward with the alpaca industry.

Respectfully Submitted
Helen Thomas-Bronk
GLAA Secretary

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

GLAA May 2009 Board Meeting Minutes
In attendance: Tom, Dan, Chris, Helen

Status of the Spring Bling AOBA grant was discussed briefly.
A review of the upcoming elections was discussed. The nominating committee will be contacted by the GLAA secretary, who will provide guidance and an outline of the time table for the election committee. Currently there are three candidates for the two open positions. Additional members are welcomed and encouraged to run for the open GLAA board positions.

The topic for our next educational seminar was discussed. Potential guest speakers are being contacted by Tom and Dan. And, a central Wisconsin venue such as Stevens Point will be explored for a possible meeting site. Details of the seminar will be announced soon.

A fleece collection for 2009 was also discussed. Details to follow.

Next board meeting will be June 10, 2009

Respectfully submitted,

Helen Thomas-Bronk, GLAA Secretary