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About Alpacas
Why Raise Alpacas
Alpaca Fleece and Fiber
Alpaca Care
Showing Alpacas


General Alpaca Info

Alpaca Facts
from AOBA
About Alpacas: Care & Investing
adapted from CALPACA article by Susan Stackhouse
Alpacas: Care-Breeding and More
adapted from CALPACA article by Susan Stackhouse
All About Alpacas: Treasure of the Andes
by Jo Overbey
Environmental Impact of Camelids
by Dr. David Anderson, Ohio State University
A Comparative Analysis of Alpaca Breed Type and Standards
By Jude Anderson, Maggie Krieger, & Mike Safley


Camelid Info

Alpacas and South American Camelids
from yarn maker Intifil
from the Silverstream Alpaca Stud in NZ
Information Resources on the South American Camelids: Llamas, Alpacas, Guanacos, and Vicunas 1967-2002
from the USDA
Andean Camelids
by John Merrill of Gateway Farm Alpacas
The Many Ways Guanacos Talk
by Eric Hoffman (no longer available online from ARI) :-(
Available from the AOBA library



The Complete Alpaca Book
Eric Hoffman and other authors, Bonny Doon Press, 2003
The Alpaca Book: Management, Medicine, Biology, and Fiber
Eric Hoffman and Murray Fowler, Clay Press, 1995
Alpacas: Synthesis of a Miracle
by Mike Safley of Northwest Alpacas
Ideal Alpacas: From Myth to Reality
by Mike Safley of Northwest Alpacas
Secrets of the Andean Alpaca: The Field Guide--Assessing Fiber Characteristics and Conformation [CD or book]
by Maggie and Richard Krieger of Saltspring Island Llamas and Alpacas
Improving Andean Sheep and Alpaca Production: Recommendations from a Decade of Research in Peru
edited by Constance M. McCorkle, Small Ruminant Collaborative Research and Support Program, University of Missouri, Columbia, 1990

Alpaca History

Evolution and Origin of the Domestic Camelid
by Jane Wheeler
Secrets of the Alpaca Mummies
by Heather Pringle
Our Ancient Alpacas
by Alice Brown
Alpaca History
by Eric Hoffman of Bonny Doon Alpacas
Alpacas in History
by John Merrell of Gateway Farms Alpacas
Prehistory of the Andean Peoples
by James Jacobs
The Conquistadors
from PBS


Alpacas in Peru

White Alpacas
by Yolanda Sala
A Peruvian Alpaca Shepherdess
by Yolanda Sala
The Alpaca: A South American Camelid
a Trade Environment Database (TED) Case Study


Andean Textiles

Some Tidbits on Ancient Peruvian Textiles
from Cultural Expeditions
Ancient Andean Textiles from the Schnell Collection
from The University of Iowa Museum of Art
Andean Textiles
by Yolanda Sala